Dead Week

This week will be (and already is) rather dead in the posting world for me. I have a lot that I want to write, but my other responsibilities must come first.

So here are some goals:

  1. Writing a 20 page paper on Filipino Culture for Cultural Antropology by next Tuesday.
  2. Writing a book review on The Mission of God by Christopher Wright (which, by the way, is an amazing book – and thank you IVP!) and get it up by the end of next week.
  3. Pick up my NIV / TNIV Comparison each weekend – that should take four more weekends.
  4. Finish my Ephesians Outline and Translation series by New Years.
  5. Read and Review Charles Talbert’s Colossians and Ephesians (Paideia: Commentaries on the New Testament)(Thank you Baker Academic!)
  6. Continue working my on my Lexical-Semantic study of ὑποτάσσω / ὑποτάσσομαι and hopefully have it completed early January.
  7. Begin putting my thoughts on “paper” for the Trinity Blogging Summit so that its completed by the end February.

There are about five other side projects that I want to work on too…

  • Continue working through the text of Ephesians text critically (My wife is translating parts of Tischendorf/Gregory’s Prolegomena and Apparatus for me).
  • Write Book Reviews on the books listed on my Book Reviews Page all of which I began reading or have finished.
  • Move up a level on the analysis of Ephesians and examine how various units relate to each other.
  • Examine the function of certain discourse markers in Ephesians using a blend of Stephen Levinson’s Discourse Features of New Testament Greek and Jeffrey Reed’s A Discourse Analysis of Philippians
  • Get a masters degree in Linguistics and Exegesis.

Sigh…this is going to take a long time…

7 thoughts on “Dead Week

  1. well, its not a guaranteed thing. I’ve been turned down. But yeah, just send an e-mail to a publisher, tell them what book, show them your blog, give them your address. Some times it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

  2. Brian,

    You gotta remember, you’re helping them as much as they’re helping you. If only 2 people buy that book as a result of your review, the publisher has already turned a profit.

    And if the book you want is self-published then you can contact the author directly and ask for a copy… This worked for me recently.

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