A Few Questions for Both Sides

Calvinists, Arminians, Egalitarians, and Complementarians, please, all gather around. I have a few questions for all of you.

  1. On the basis of your human skin, do you reserve the right to be wrong?
  2. How well to you actually understand the other side’s position – how well does the other side consider you to understand their position?
  3. Are you able to maintain comfortable and cordial dialogue with the other side in this debate?

These are important questions. For one, you’re human. You’re very good at being wrong. Often also, the other side does not feel as if you’ve been at all fair to them in understanding and also representing and criticizing their perspective. Many times people on both sides feel as if certain evidence and argument is simply ignored by the other. Finally, if you cannot dialog well and have a calm discussion, if you are quick to getting angry and have very little patience. Then you would do well to go back and reread your Bible. You may think that you have gotten one text figured out, but clearly you have plenty of others to work on.

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