My *free* copy of Carson & Beale’s Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament arrived today from WTSbooks.


Its massive. The book is as tall as BDAG. Its beautifully bound, sewn–not glued. Both the dustjacket and the hardback itself look very nice (books look good when they’re dark colours – I hate the green of BAGD and the pink dustjacket of BDAG).

Anyway, Carson & Beale wrote a great preface and from my initial browsings, it looks like Frank Thielman did a find job on Ephesians (I’m looking forward to his BECNT volume to be published). As I read through the second on Ephesians I might give some comments.

Note: Free = gift certificate

12 thoughts on “Its HUGE!

  1. Coo uhl. I think I’ve settled on Beale’s commentary for Thess. I don’t want anything to heavy for that one. The O’Brien Ephesians is great so far. Perfect style for me and I like his irenicism.

  2. Very nice. Unlike Esteban I am both excited and jealous. Also I just noticed you spelled ‘colours’ (I thought you were an American).

  3. hmm this does look tempting – may I ask who does the chapter on 1 Corinthians? I seem to have an itchy mouse-finger when it comes to purchases on Amazon, but I’m desperately holding it back at the moment!!

  4. Jeff, I’ve heard good thing about Beale on Thess. I have it – just haven’t read it (yet). Don’t worry about size though, I don’t think there’s any commentary on 1-2 Thess that is very heavy. In fact, I think that Beale’s commentary might be one of the longer ones.

  5. I could hold my finger back no longer… it’s less than £20 here, so that seems like pretty good value to me. Ciampa and Rosner will be putting out the “Pillar” commentary on 1 Cor soon – and have produced an interesting article on 1 Cor… Rosner always gets so excited about the OT in 1 Cor, so should be interesting.

  6. Yep – that’s what it says in their 2006 article on the flow of 1 Corinthians. I have a feeling it will be quite similar to Schnabel’s recent German commentary on 1 Corinthians – their article and his commentary both came out in 2006, with quite similar ideas on the unity, message, and arrangement of the letter.

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