Some of My Favorites:

I wrote this as a comment in the previous blog, but I though I’d posted it up here too…this is an answer to the questions posed previously.

My favorite NT commentary is either RT France on Matthew (NICNT, not TNTC) or perhaps Fee on 1 Cor. Fee is *always* an enjoyable read. But I also like Barrett on 1 Cor and Moo on Romans (I haven’t read Wright).

In the OT world, there are a few I’ve really enjoyed. Gerald Wilson on the Psalms is a delightful read and theologically stimulating (I wish he had finished volume 2 before he died – our loss, his gain). Bruce Waltke’s commentary on Proverbs was the first commentary I read – or at least volume one was. I’m still working on volume 2.

Monographs…that’s a tough one. Either Schnabel’s Early Christian Mission or the highly pastoral and exegetically delight, Adopted into God’s Family: Exploring a Pauline Metaphor (NSBT) by Trevor Burke. It was the first book review I wrote – and actually it was for class. Burke was my professor for Hermeneutics, Greek, & Romans.

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