Book Meme

I was tagged by Nathan Stitt on this one.

Books are scarce in the world. They are illegal in some provinces. They are not easily replaced if not impossible to replace if lost in many if not most circumstances. If you can replace a book or buy one it is usually through the black market at astronomical costs that you cannot afford. Yet you have been able to maintain one of the best collections in the world. If your entire library was about to burn up (think of the firefighters in Fahrenheit 451 invading your home) and you could only have one* book to take with you other than the bible, what would that be and why?

Simple Rules:

Answer the question. Offer one quote that resonates with you. Tag five people whose response is of genuine interest to you and inform him or her that they have been tagged. Cheers!

*And it cannot be an entire series of something, that’s cheating.

That’s an easy question to answer. And I can pretty much guarantee that its not what you’d expect.


The Cossacks, War & Peace, and Anna Karenina all bound (sewn, not glued) together in a 1600 page beautifully massive volume. Most of my Biblical Studies books are digital so I don’t need to worry about them burning.

I love Tolstoy.

Now if I could read him in Russian instead of English…that would be a feast.

Okay, I’ll tag…

tc, Brian, Sam, and Drew!

5 thoughts on “Book Meme

  1. War and Peace in Russian? There’s a thought! I could probably manage it, even without a dictionary if I didn’t worry about a few details. But I guess it would take me long enough to read that I would be ready to start it again by the time I finished it.

    But multiple books stitched together sounds like cheating to me.

  2. Never read him. I’m a bit disappointed that I wasn’t encouraged to read more of the classics when I was younger and had lots of free time. Maybe I will read them along with my daughter as she grows up, the whole live vicariously thing but with books instead of balls.

  3. Its one book! Well, Nathan took LOTR!

    Nathan, start your daughter on classics young – that’s the way to go. Make her a good and cultured young lady!

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