9 thoughts on “Question:

  1. I use e-sword from time to time, but I’m not sure if I will go digital anytime soon. Nick you are relentless.

  2. Well, I’m considering writing a little series on how to build syntax searches in Logos…but I wasn’t sure if there would be an audience for it. I might do it anyway.

  3. Go for it. I am pretty sure I can install my dad’s copy and give it a try. I only just found out he has a bunch of stuff for it last weekend.

  4. I use Logos. I can follow Rick Brannan in the syntax searches he does in his blog, but I always have trouble of some kind when I try my own. I believe I have a major misunderstanding, or at least lack of understanding, of how the database is set up. It’s not intuitive, for sure.

  5. do it anyway. You’ll probably get searches for it.

    I have Bible Works 7. Haven’t used Logos or have the $$ for it. I got BW 5 from my FIL who just signed it over to me so I only had to pay for the upgrade and the HALOT/BDAG module. Sweet!

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