Things to do:

There are a number of things to do this week since this is my break from classes. My language class ended yesterday and Field Methods begins on Thursday. Anyway, with my free time, here are some writing goals:

  • Write a post about semantic roles and the different sense of a word (this is for Peter Kirk)
  • Begin working on studying the next section in Ephesians
  • Translate some more Chrysostom on Ephesians – this time starting at the beginning.
  • Write up the rest of my syntax searching series – which shouldn’t take long. I’ve written the next post already.
  • Blog about the various things happening around the internet as I read them…

2 thoughts on “Things to do:

  1. One more thing Mike-

    I know you’ve read through Hoehner’s magisterial work on Ephesians. Today I reand an article he wrote for the JETS journal entitled, “Can A Woman Be a Pastor-Teacher”? in which he argued and proved that the term “pastor-teacher” is a gift not an office as traditionally construed. His argument is persuasive but I wonder if he takes the same position in his commentary?


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