TNIV Sales

The Gender Blog posted today a bit about the TNIV February sales, taking a chance to criticize it a little more.

Interestingly, they only mentioned half of the information (though they did link to the whole document, which is HERE).

Yes, it is true that the TNIV is not in the Top 10 rankings for unit sales.

But, they failed to mention that the TNIV is killing their preferred translation in dollar sales – Ranked #6 compared to the ESV’s #8.

They all continued to spew (though they believe it to be true) false information about the accuracy of the TNIV.

Finally, what tey don’t realize is that the true is that Zondervan has not aggressively marketed the TNIV – at least not as much as the should until very recently. And that’s the main problem causing the slump in unit sales. I think the TNIV will continue to gain ground in time.

19 thoughts on “TNIV Sales

  1. Yup. Once we Americans smoked like chimneys; and we white ones owned black ones as slaves too. Of course, the big tobacco and plantation owning bloggers liked the status quo, cheered whenever Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable lit up on the big screen, and championed DVD sales of Gone With The Wind. Of course, some things had not been aggressively enough marketed yet. (And hierarchies often seem healthy, when you’re on top).

  2. Gone with the Wind…I’ve always been more of Casablanca guy myself.

    Kurk, I heard from Nathan last Friday that you’re a bigger feminist than his wife! Small world that you’re going to the same church.

  3. Given that the CBA unit sales reports have historically been quite skewed when any of the publishers engages in a 50-cent giveaway promotion, I’d be curious to know what drove the “International Children’s Bible” into the top 10 of unit sales. Easter basket sales?

    That said, the TNIV continues to occupy only a small sliver of retail space in the major evangelical Christian bookstore here in Minneapolis and sometimes you must blow the dust off the same volumes that have been sitting there month after month…

  4. As I’ve looked through stores, the NIV & KJV are really the only Bibles that get decent space. My guess is that the majority of purchases are probably online these days anyway for most translations.

  5. I didn’t know ESV is a “a word-for-word translation”.

    It would be interesting to see some passages translated truly word for word. I would do it if I could.

    Are these sales world-wide or only in the USA? I thought NRSV (another liberal gender inclusive bible of the devil) was pretty popular in the UK.

  6. Yes, they’re limited to North America, and further to CBA member stores.

    Also, Zondervan has not aggressively marketed the TNIV precisely on account the GenderBlog types. That in spite of a lack of adequate marketing (and of constant attacks and the aggressive marketing of the ESV) the TNIV still holds its own and even exceeds the ESV in unit sales really says something.

  7. Jeff, ESV is not “word for word”. Nor is any translation. A “word for word” translation would say in Exodus 34:6 that God has a long nose, or long nostrils. Any Bible that does not say that is not “word for word”.

  8. Mike,
    The word “Bigger” makes me think of Richard Wright’s Native Son the protagonist of which might be a bigger Uncle Tom than the one around Harriet Beecher Stowe’s cabin. In fairness to Nathan, he said this on a Friday. (When I compare feminists, and when his wife does, we use “good” and “bad” which assumes some might be “better.” And not all of us, then, are just the modernists’ caricatures of “postmodernists,” which I call “mere postmodernists only.”) The smaller world for Nathan and me is we attend a men’s only recovery group aka a life transformation group (and sometimes our pastor calls it “sanctification”; but sometimes I’m convinced the good feminist Jesus submitted himself to such a growing process, in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and man and woman). They let us in because we need it. But, beware, tomorrow’s Friday again.

  9. Sorry, it was over a casual conversation…I honestly don’t remember much else…other than that he told me that you asked if he knew me.

  10. The Christian bookstores that I’ve been too are almost cookie-cutter. The KJV is about 50% of the Bible section, the NIV about 25%, the rest is taken up by the NLT, ESV, NASB and the Message. Very rarely do I see the HCSB, and hardly ever the TNIV. Other translations? Forget about it.

  11. TC: As it is mine. I’ve greatly enjoyed it.

    Bryan: yeah, the NLT and the NASB have been around for a pretty good length of time so that people recognize it and the ESV has been marketed almost obnoxiously. The Message received a pretty good push in marketing too, I think.

    But anything else just isn’t enough – and that’s whats amazing to me that the TNIV’s sales have been as high as they are!

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