3 thoughts on “He’s fast!

  1. Yeah, I have my contacts in Mozambique. (Here’s the secret: Let David Ker post on your blog, and he’ll send you these cryptic messages announcing the latest goodies; but as you know, there are grave risks to that. Lingamish has his biases.)

  2. I should have known…that Lingamish…he’s a sly one…

    Side question:
    How far are you from Duncanville? Duncanville, what a terrible name for a suburb. If you’re not too far, could I take you for coffee at the Starbucks there some Saturday?

  3. If you’ll talk rhetoric, I’ll have a coffee with you. Podunk-an Ville used to be a lot further away when I’d bicycle from Cooper way down S in Arlington to and past Joe Pool Lake and slowly slowly slowly then up that hill on Camp Wisdom Road into the SIL campus. Now, although it makes Lingamish green, I drive a blue Subaru and use the highway. Saturday, if I can head back my way by 7:30am, will work just fine. Otherwise, we split the difference and otherwise go Dutch for lunch at Don Pablos in Arlington on a weekday, a location closing soon I hear but where a certain beautiful and highly intelligent young woman made some pennies to help put a penny poor linguistics student through graduate school once upon a time (and she’s always made more money than me–how does that happen in a nation where women generally make only $0.77 to men’s $1.00?)

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