Minor Life Update

I don’t know how many people who pray for my wife and I read my blog – or for that matter how many people who read my blog pray for us.

But I do know there are some of each. Several people have told me and a thank God for your encouraging words. My wife and I value your prayers. But for those who do prayer, I wanted you all to know about a couple events of the past weeks since we sent out our prayer letter.

  1. God has provided for our needs once again. He has taken care of us and provided the means for both of us to continue our studies at GIAL. This was no small feat from my very human perspective and he did it without even breaking a sweat (to borrow a bit of a anthropomorphism). To allude to Ephesians, he is truly the one who is able to do super-abundantly beyond our wildest imaginations.
  2. This afternoon Rachel received her official letter of acceptance to Trinity Western University and ACTS for the Linguistics and Exegesis program there. That means the next step in the process is filling out grant and scholarship applications. It also means that there are a couple bloggers that I’d like to take out for coffee up in the Vancouver area, if they’re interested (perhaps someday I’ll also get to England and Mozambique so that I can take other blogging friends out – I’d add more locations, but I don’t know where anyone else is!).

So the new set of prayer requests is…

  1. Prayer that God will provide financially for us to continue our school. We’re not official missionaries with an organization yet, which means that the churches who are interested in supporting us cannot do so.
  2. Pray that God will get us through this last session of class here in Dallas. Between work and Russian there is very little time and a whole lot of exhaustion.
  3. Pray that I will be able to get my paper work in order so that I can prove my citizenship. I have dual citizenship, but I need the papers. Otherwise, I will not be able to work when I arrive so that we can afford school.

Anyway, I hope to also send out another prayer letter in the first weeks of May, so those of you who are on that list, you’ll see these again – which reminds me, I still need to send the previous letter to another blogger who requested it…sorry about that.

4 thoughts on “Minor Life Update

  1. If you all end up in the Vancouver area I might be even more tempted than I am now to pay a visit to that beautiful city that I have heard, and even written, so much about.

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