36 thoughts on “Switch’in!

  1. I’ve left more comments on his WordPress blog in one day then I left on his Blogspot blog in the last few months of reading it. Because I’m always signed in to WP blogs and I don’t have to enter any stupid verification codes. When will they learn? When?!!

  2. Well, do you want to know the truth or do you want me to lie to you?

    The truth is that I simply don’t consider myself worth of you on my roll.

    But if I were to lie, I’d say that I don’t ever think about my blogroll because I use google reader for tracking your posts.

  3. Yeah… I definitely comment much more frequently on someone using WordPress. I don’t know how many times I’ve stumbled on a reply to an old comment of mine on Blogger somewhere.

  4. [j] is a palatal approximent – its the sister consonant to the high front vowel [i], pronounced ‘ee’. With the the /a/, its equivalent to /ai/ or ‘ay’ in English.

  5. My favorite three differences after switching over are:

    -Comments are handled much better
    -Blog stats are integrated, love ’em
    -Increased exposure and interactivity due to the way blogs are interrelated and link to each other

  6. WordPress automatically tracks other wordpress blogs where you’ve left comments so that you can much more easily follow what’s been said in a thread without subscribing to a comment feed.

  7. You can moderate comments completely so that you approve every comment or – like what I do – you can set up moderation so that wordpress automatically recognizes commenters who have already been approved. That way you’re only need to manually approve the initial comment

  8. Yes, WordPress is awesome with the comment moderation. And in WP you can also edit comments, both your own and other people’s. Can’t do that with blogspot. Plus, you can blacklist people. And the Askimet spam filter is way better than those stupid verification codes that blogspot uses.

  9. yeah, you can import all your past posts AND comments! You have to manually construct your blogroll however BUT you can make funny or crass comments about each so when the cursor lies over a specific site in the blog roll it can say some thing like “Nick Norelli: web instigator.” Or “Mike Aubrey: Linguist Expert” or “Nate Stitt: Greek Geek” or “Jim West: NT Wright’s Friend,’ etc! 😉

  10. James: In the WordPress dashboard, you can go into the discussion options, and there is a box in which you can place certain terms, email addresses, screen names, etc. and when someone comments with any of the things listed, it will automatically flag it as spam. It’s a wonderful feature that I’ve had to use for a few beligerant would-be commentators.

    Matthew: Yeah, that’s the best thing. With the click of a button you can import all posts and comments from blogspot to WordPress. It’s so simple it doesn’t make sense not to do it. I switched from blogspot to WordPress last June and haven’t regretted it since.

    Brian: If anyone’s the instigator, it’s West. I’m more of the “free stuff hound.” 😉

  11. Matthew,
    You need to sign into WordPress first, and then leave comments. If necessary refresh the page you want to comment on after you sign in (assuming you are using a tabbed browser). If you haven’t uploaded a picture of yourself yet, go to your dashboard, your profile, and then upload an image. I used a 128×128 image btw. Although it did look like you left a message on your own blog using the name Matthew, with a picture.

  12. Mike wrote: “WordPress automatically tracks other wordpress blogs where you’ve left comments so that you can much more easily follow what’s been said in a thread without subscribing to a comment feed.”

    What exactly do you mean here? The dashboard shows where I have commented but not follow-ups to that comment. I have to use co.mments for this which is sort of a pain.

  13. David: I just read your comment through my dashboard. Just go into your dashboard, click on “my comments” and it should show the places where you’ve commented most recently as well as follow-ups. Then there will be a link saying “reply to thread” which will take you directly there. That’s what I just did.

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