Internet Down – Or it Was

My internet was down yesterday, so I couldn’t write anything here – not that I had time any way. Its been a busy week.

I turned in a 30 page Russian phonology paper yesterday. If anyone is interested (but why would you be) in it, I can send it to you. Actually, Russian has a pretty amazing system of sounds. The rules for vowel reduction are incredibly complex. They’re dependent upon whether the previous consonant is palatalized or not and also whether the syllable is stressed or not and how far the unstressed syllable is from the stress syllable. We’ve posited prestress vowel reduction and pre-prestress vowel reduction – and Peter got cited in it regarding palatalized versions of /g/, /k/, and /x/. I’m really hoping to find data confirming what he wrote in a comment earlier this week because it would help simplified our distinctive features chart.

By now, everyone reading this is probably think, “What the hell is he talking about???”

Oh, I yearn for the days of focusing on Greek again! Or at least for the days of having time for Greek.

I have a couple projects on my plate…so much to do…so much to do…

5 thoughts on “Internet Down – Or it Was

  1. Congratulations on finishing the paper! Next time round, perhaps, doing the same for real on a language no one else has studied, in a location where the internet is always down and even if it wasn’t there would be no one on the other side of it with the knowledge help you out? I never had to do it for real, but many of my friends spent years analysing the phonology of unwritten languages.

  2. By now, everyone reading this is probably think, “What the hell is he talking about???”

    Word for word. 🙂

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