26 thoughts on “Why haven’t you added me to your blogroll?

  1. right. you know, Nick, my mental image of you will eternally being the goateed cartoon guy with the blue hat. That’s actually how I picture you in my head.

  2. I’ve had you on my blogroll for quite some time now but I’ve never been on yours. hmmm….
    : )

    BTW I picture Nick that way too (even though I know what he actually looks like).

    BrYan L

  3. Thanks for adding me. I really need to post something interesting this weekend. I only have like 8 or 9 books I’m trying to read all at once.

  4. Mike, I’d have to pay for the CSS upgrade, I think. In my posts I can alter the font enough to get polytonic working. It’s just things like post titles, blogroll links, etc. that I can’t. And actually, when I view your page, your Greek title does not display the polytonic characters properly…both epsilons and the final omega are boxes…

  5. If you go into your browser options and set the font to Gentium or something like that – it’ll appear – though it makes English less pleasant for reading…

  6. I’m still trying to work out some sort of bribe-system in order to get people to add my blog to their blogroll – but I can’t think of anything that would work… hmmm… or maybe I can… stay tuned

  7. Matthew, go into your dashboard and click on your name in the top right – that’ll take you to your profile settings, scroll down and at the website entry, put in your blog – that way your comments will be directly linked back to your crypto-theology blog.

  8. Wow Mike. I don’t know how I missed that : )

    Matthew it might help if you have a link to your blog when you leave comments. Maybe this was an isolated instance but I tried to see your blog and there was no way to from your comment.


  9. Mike: That’s an actual picture of me! I lost my nose in Nam. 😛

    George: What browser are you using? It displays fine in Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox.

    Matthew: I usually read blogs through a feed reader for a while before I add them. If it’s a good blog and posts regularly, then it’s bound to turn up sooner or later.

    Bryan: It’s not isolated. I actually edit all of Matthew’s comments on my blog to include a link to his. 🙂

  10. Having been disappointed by the 100% failure rate of my “theories” in the past, I will simply “hypothesize” that now my name should link to my blog… thanks for the info!

  11. LOL @ Nick. I’m not the only one who edits the HTML into comments I see. Similarly to Nick I read a blog on Google Reader for a couple weeks before adding (or removing).

    George, Firefox is great. As they say, “Once you go tabbed, you never go back.”

    Matthew, looks like you are all set up now, comment-wise.

  12. I just added you! The update to WordPress a couple months ago knocked my sidebar off and I just figured out how to put it back. Did you make it to CANIL? My wife and I just graduated from ACTS last month.

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