Only in Dreams

Stanley and Wendy (his wife) Porter are publishing a volume entitled, New Testament Greek Papyri and Parchments: New Editions.

It looks like a great book providing text critical resources to the very few people and libraries in the world that can afford and $237 book.

So, I’m disappointed. Maybe I’ll have a change in a school library someday to peruse its pages. But until then, I can only dream about it.

10 thoughts on “Only in Dreams

  1. That is pricey. I feel cheap now cause I’m not buying the commentaries I’m missing unless they are under $20 a piece.

  2. the beauty of living in England is that I can reason to myself: “Well two-hundred dollars is only ONE-hundred pounds”… I do like the look of that book… But on the other hand, one-hundred pounds is like 700 shekels, which in turn is probably 12000 rupee or something… okay forget that idea

  3. Is Englands economy doing so well that 100 pounds is a decent price for a book? Hmmm…I don’t know if I’d pay even $100 for a book.

  4. Nah I wouldn’t pay 100 pounds… but 100 does sound like less than 200 – mind you I’m no mathematician, so don’t quote me on that

  5. Great stuff, but too pricey! I’ll have to deprive myself of books for 8months to get that one. I don’t think I can do that.

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