Its Official

I simply don’t have the internet any more. I had been sharing a wireless network with a couple of people in my apartment building. One of them moved out last week and because the other is leaving at the beginning of June (as am I), they decided just to end the service. I was a tag on anyway.

I still plan on getting the Greek Round Up up this evening when I’m at the library – so keep an eye open for it!

3 thoughts on “Its Official

  1. Well that plain sucks… Do you have a notebook and access to wifi? I suppose the library is as good a place as any.

    BTW Matt,
    Your auto-avatar is pretty cool. Kinda Teutonic or something.

  2. my wifi access is gone now, but I’m five minutes away from the library, so I’ll still be posting regularly, I just won’t be able to have as much discussion with other people as I would like.

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