A Quiet Summer

This will probably be a quiet summer. I haven’t disappeared, but I’m definitely staying busy. I’ll try for a post at least every week. Hopefully more. My goal is at least one relatively exegetical post each week.

I’m in Illinois right now. We’ll be leaving for Canada at the end of August. So she’s working on getting her student visa and I’m working on getting my papers in order so that I can prove to them I’m Canadian. Its not very helpful to go to school up there if I can’t work.

Speaking of work, I just realized yesterday that since I am Canadian, I guess I can legally work in the UK as well, which means my interest in a degree over there at some point might become more of a reality than I had previously thought.

I did get a couple new books, this week, but they’re boring linguistic books, not exciting Biblical studies or Greek books.

4 thoughts on “A Quiet Summer

  1. I know how it is, I’ve been too busy or too sick lately to post anything. Sounds like you’ve got a lot of traveling ahead though, hope it goes well.

  2. C’mon Mike,

    The real reason that you’re not blogging is that you’re listening to so much AM sports radio. (eu tenho razão).

    Your just to involved in what Brett Farve’s retirement will look like to write anything!

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