2 thoughts on “Anchor Yale Bible

  1. I have been a fan of the Anchor Bible series for years. When asked “what is your favorite translation” I always said “the Anchor Bible!”

    If they would accept my firstborn as payment, I would own a copy. But I think that the only person who can afford this is God.

    If they lowered their price to $29.95, I would buy it and so would anyone who has been wondering what in the world Zephaniah was talking about.

    One feature of the Anchor series is footnotes. Ya gotta love that. Way more honest and useful than the Next Bible.

    So bring the price down to us mortals!

  2. Bill, yes the price is high, but in terms of the cost per volume, you really can’t beat it. Hopefully, we’ll individual volumes or NT, OT, and Apocrypha sets in the future.

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