By the way, I’ve arrived in B.C. We’re in a small, but comfortable one bedroom apartment and are enjoying the area so far. We’ve got most of our stuff unpacked, though we’re not sure where to put all of our books at present. We’ve got them in some rather creative places in the mean time.

Right now, I’ll be working as my wife begins classes first. She’s earned it. She worked for my school last time. Even still, I’ll be taking classes on and off as time and money permits. Hopefully we’ll be able to squish two, two year programs into three years without hurting our bank accounts too much and without a lot of debt – hopefully none.

14 thoughts on “Arrived

  1. Good to hear you have arrived well! All the best in your studies and job responsibilities. May God’s many blessings and abundant provision be yours, my friend.

    I too will be moving literally thousands of books to a one-bedroom apartment in about a month, so I’d appreciate it if you shared some of your creative book-placement ideas! 😉

  2. Esteban – well, we’re not into multiple thousands just yet and I’m hoping to keep it that way

    Phil and Rick – Thanks for the invite. I definitely want to stop by.

  3. Bellingham? Where’s that? We’re in Oregon near Mount Hood. Glad to hear that you’re settled in. Looking forward to you picking up blogging again unless we should follow your wife instead.

  4. David: Bellingham is about a forty minutes of away from Trinity Western in BC – so probably 6 hours or more from Oregon…

    tc: This is my first time on the Pacific coast. I’m excited about it. I’ve hit all four sides of the US now!

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