L&N in Ephesians 5

Logos has released a number of different Greek resources where the Greek text of the New Testament is tagged with Louw & Nida numbers.

  • The Lexham Greek English Interlinear
  • Opentext.org’s Syntactically Analyzed Greek New Testament
  • The Lexham Syntactic Greek New Testament

On top of that, Logos has also developed tables that link a give Greek word to its correct lexical entry in L&N. This was a big task. It used to be that keylinking on a word to L&N would take you to the word’s entry in volume 2 and then from there you could choose any of the possible lexical entries.

But there has always been a problem. You seen, Louw & Nida followed the practice of differentiating lexemes from lexical forms when the middle/passively inflected form differred in meaning from the active even in the Greek index of volume 2. Thus, there is an entry in the Greek index for both υποτάσσω and also υποτάσσομαι. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of this. Thus when we look at all these resources tagged for L&N numbers, we are always taken to υποτάσσω rather than υποτάσσομαι and give the wrong meaning.

In terms of definitions, the difference is startling:

36.18 ὑποτάσσομαι; ὑποταγή, ῆς; ὑπείκω: to submit to the orders or directives of someone—‘to obey, to submit to, obedience, submission.’
L&N, 1:467.

37.31 ὑποτάσσω; καταστέλλω: to bring something under the firm control of someone—‘to subject to, to bring under control.’

You can imagine what this would meaning for Ephesians 5.21 if we took the meaning that presently every Logos resources provides us with.

All of these resources have been tagged by different people. Opentext is by Stanley Porter and Co., the Lexham interlinear is by W. Hall Harris III, and the tables were done by Logos (creating the tables didn’t make anything worse since keylinking before the tables still didn’t send you to the correct entry in the index).

There is still one resources left that can get it right. The Lexham Syntactic Greek New Testament is yet to produce Ephesians. I do hope that they get it right on their first pass. And…I also hope that the other completed resources will be corrected in the near future. I have a feeling that there are a number of other words that are in similar situations and we simply do not know it.

2 thoughts on “L&N in Ephesians 5

  1. Thanks for this. The other resources can “get this right” as well – the beauty of electronic publishing is that corrections can be made and users get free updates. I’m not sure when this will be address (how soon), but it’s on our radar thanks to you!

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