An Old Testament Post for once…

I don’t normally write posts about the Old Testament – not because I don’t study it, but because topics on it for posts don’t come to me very often. And I suppose that this is technically more of a book post than anything else.

Moving on…

For some time I’ve been eyeing John Goldingay’s multivolume Old Testament Theology:

Old Testament Theology, Vol. 1: Israel’s Gospel

Old Testament Theology, Volume 2: Israel’s Faith

But they’re not cheap books, though nor are they expensive, at least by Brill standards. None the less, two books at 30 bucks a pop’ll still hit you.

So I was rather excited to see that Logos has just put these two volumes up on the prepub page along with Paul House’s Old Testament Theology and the abridged edition (but still over 300 pages) of I. Howard Marshall’s New Testament Theology.

Granted, its still $75, but the fact that its four books instead of 2. I just might be able to make it work.

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