Lampe’s Patristic Lexicon

I suppose I should mention in an actual post that my dream copy of Lampe for a great price fell through. The person listing it didn’t mention in the description that it was only a fascicle. I’ve got my refund though and they’ve got they’re book, so it worked out in the end. I didn’t loose anything in that little adventure.

With that said though, I continue to dream of an electronic version of Lampe, preferably in Logos Bible Software (since I don’t use anything else). Why would I want to open multiple programs?

Anyway, a digital edition of Lampe would be perfect. Particularly because it only contains words that do not occur in LSJM, which means that if you have them both digitally, then its as if they are an integrated single lexicon covering many more words that you always get frustrated while reading.

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