My little discovery of the day

I just found out this evening that you can see how many people are subscribed to your blog through Google Reader. So out of curiosity, I decided to set up a Bloglines account to see how many were subscribed through there.

There are 75 people out there who have at some point found something I’ve written to be at least slightly enjoyable to read – enjoyable enough to think that it might happen again. Now I know that’s not many compared to some (Ben Witherington has over 1000 subscribed through Google Reader alone), but I still find it pretty amazing.

5 thoughts on “My little discovery of the day

  1. I’m a fan. Actually I subscribe to you twice on Bloglines and GoogleReader so that might throw your stats off slightly!

    You don’t want as many followers as BWIII. Too much work to moderate all those comments.

  2. when you’re in google reader, open up a blog rss (or any rss you’re subscribed to) and then click “show details” on the far right hand side. It’ll tell you how many people are subscribed to that feed through google.

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