Obama and Illinois Governor

Reading the Chicago Tribune is probably one of my favorite ways to keep up on US and local (at least for my family) news.

Here’s an interesting article about Gov. Blagojevich (pronounced ‘Blah-GO-Ʒeh-vich’ [the ‘Ʒ’ is a voiced alveolar fricative – vibrate your vocal chords while making a “sh” sound]) and his warning/criticism of Obama. 

There’s a particularly striking quote regarding Sarah Palin as well.

Blagojevich told WGN-AM that Democrats should not criticize the experience of McCain’s running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, because “governors make decisions” while legislators like Obama “debate and they pass their bills back and forth.”

It seems there’s trouble in the ranks for the Democratic Party…

8 thoughts on “Obama and Illinois Governor

  1. Actually, Mike, Blagojevich (Благојевић) is pronounced Bla-GO-ye-vich. (Sorry, I’m not fluent in IPA transcription.) It’s the Serbian patronymic of Blagoje (Благоје), a proper name derived from the name of the Feast of the Annunciation (Благовести).

  2. That’s interesting. Well, at least I haven’t heard it pronounced that way on WGN News (which is my daily news); this would cause me great grief. I wonder if the pronunciation depends on where you are? I mean, I doubt they’d pronounce a j like a ž around Libertyville! 😉

  3. Esteban, I was going to make the same point, while suggesting that the name might be Polish. But then I know how they mangle foreign names in Illinois, which should be pronounced something like [ijinwa] but isn’t.

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