Thursday’s Field Trip

I had a great time driving down to Bellingham yesterday afternoon and getting to meet all of the guys (inclusively used) at Logos Bible Software. Phil Gons gave me the grand tour and I finally got to meet for the first time other bloggers as well:

Dr. Michael Heiser

Rick Brennan

Phil Gons

Sean Boisen

It was great to put some faces with names since I’ve had limited concact with several of them (and three of them have left comment[s] here).

I also got to meet some of the people I’ve conversed with over e-mail & the Logos Newsgroups, particularly, their scholar in residence, Steve Runge. He’s the mastermind behind the Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament – a rather impressive inovation in digital resources.

We had some good conversation about the software and Greek. I like where I see that company going. There’s some cutting edge Bibical studies work there that has the potential to both advance our knowledge of scripture academically and make a plethora of study tools and aids available to the average Christian that would have been impossible even just five years ago.

(Note: People are always taller in person – though I might just be rather short. I probably am.)

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