Ponderings on Reftagger

I’ve been rather disappointed by wordpress.com’s refusal to use javascript (though I do understand the security issue), which has prevented those of us who have our blogs at .wordpress.com from using Reftagger.

What I’m wondering though is whether it would be possible to have a windows live writer plugin that would even simply link my Bible reference to Bible.logos.com? That couldn’t be that difficult, could it?

I don’t know. I’m not a programmer. But I do know it would make linking to the English or Greek  (and Hebrew) text easier and more enjoyable, particularly since I write all my posts in live writer. I know there’s a plugin for the ESV already, but I don’t like being tied to one translation. Its just not right.

3 thoughts on “Ponderings on Reftagger

  1. I’ve been in talks with the folks at WordPress.com about getting them to add support for our RefTagger plugin. They said if it becomes popular enough (i.e., gets downloaded enough), they will likely add it to WordPress.com. So what we really need to do is get all the WordPress.org users out there to download to all of you guys at WordPress.com can eventually have it too!

    The Live Writer plugin isn’t a bad idea, but it lacks some of the benefits of going the JavaScript route. I’ll look into it, but the first solution is probably the better one.

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