Reftagger & WordPress 2

A little bit ago, I wrote a post wondering about the possibility of a plugin for Windows Live Writer that could like to so that we could easily link to translations and texts of the Bible. Since then Phil Gons has been in communication with the folks at WordPress. Here’s the result, which was posted at the Logos Bible Software Blog on Friday:

Our RefTagger WordPress plugin ( is now proudly hosted at the official WordPress Plugin Directory. This is good news for users of (i.e., the self-hosted version). No more having to manually check for updates. WordPress’s built-in plugin update notification system will inform you when new versions are available, and one-click automatic updating allows you to get the latest version with ease.

This is also potentially great news for users of (i.e., the version they host), who, unfortunately, can’t use RefTagger right now. We’ve been in talks with the folks at about getting built-in RefTagger support for If our plugin is popular enough, they said they will likely make it available on as well!

So if you’re a user of the self-hosted version of WordPress, please download ( and install the plugin and give it a good rating. users need your help!

All this to say that if you host your own blog and even have the smallest bit of a heart, you will go download that plugin (you don’t even have to use it!) so that those of us who are trapped on can hopefullly gain its functionality!

13 thoughts on “Reftagger & WordPress 2

  1. I was previously using a different one but recently switched to refTagger. It’s fast, doesn’t bog down a page with a lot of references and allows you to keep a reference from being linked if you would like.

    I neglected to rate it on the WP site and just did.

  2. Mike, you could always download it yourself to see if you can get it to work on You probably can’t, but you would then be in the same position as me, having downloaded but not (yet) installed. And your download as well as mine will be counted!

  3. Hey Mike maybe we should launch a campaign. We could put a link to the download on our sidebars and beg people to download it. Or a link to the feature request. I think this is a really important plugin and it would be great to see it added to

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