A blog I hadn’t seen before

I recently created a google alert that would inform me whenever someone used the words “New Testament Greek” in a blog post. A lot of what I’ve found I’ve already known about or has been pretty worthless scholarship.

But one blog came up today that caught my eye:

Biblical Studies Notebook

The author, Karl Möller, is “Senior Lecturer in Theology and Religious Studies (focusing on biblical studies) and Course Leader for the MA in Theology at the University of Cumbria and Senior Tutor at the Lancashire and Cumbria Theological Partnership.”

He has good discussions of books and commentary sets. He’s been around since 2006, so I’m surprised that I hadn’t seen his blog until now.

I’m putting him in Google Reader and on my Blogroll and looking forward to future posts.

8 thoughts on “A blog I hadn’t seen before

  1. Interesting. I had never even heard of this university, which was only formed last year. But I think it is carrying on the theological teaching tradition of a long standing college in Lancaster (which isn’t even in Cumbria) which has now become part of the university.

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