Head’s Up on a Good Book Deal

For those of you who study Greek (and I assume that the majority of people who aren’t related to me and still read this blog do), you might be interested in the fact that John Lee’s A History of New Testament Lexicography (Studies in Biblical Greek) is on sale right now at Amazon. Normally its sold at its retail price of $40, but right now it is $30 with free shipping. That’s 25% off!

I have to say too, that this book is an excellent and illuminating read. Its not overwhelmingly difficult either. The book is extremely well written and flows very nicely. So if you have been curious about the reliability of your lexicons and dictionaries or the history and development of Greek dictionaries. This book is definitely worth your time. You will never look at your Greek lexicon entries the same way ever again after you finish it.

(Did you catch the play on words in the title?)

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