17 thoughts on “Question:

  1. I try to, at least a brief acknowledgement, although sometimes to several in one comment. I suppose I think it is polite to do so, and it also allows the conversation to continue, which I generally encourage.

  2. I flatter the heck out of first time commenters if they seem the least bit intelligent or entertaining in hopes that they’ll come back. For normal commenters (Love you all!!!) I give them all a chance to say their piece and won’t always reply directly.

    Depends on how bored I am sometimes.

  3. I like David’s approach – maybe I’ll even drop by for some affirmation 🙂 I hope I qualify as at least a little intelligent. I try to respond to people who leave me comments, even those whose comments do not seem to make sense. As someone else said if I know the person I might respond in person or in an email although some people like to keep in touch by leaving me comments. Thanks for reminding me that I need to respond to some people. BTW if you are in Burnaby drop by and you can meet someone who commented on your blog! 😀

  4. I try to most of the time, unless it is just one where the commenter is just commenting to comment. (Good post, etc…) I do try to acknowledge the comment, though.

  5. Some comments don’t seem to have any appropriate response. I often get commenters who basically repeat what I said in their own words, and I’m not sure if saying anything to that is more than a waste of bandwidth and a distraction to those reading the comments. If they ask a question or raise an objection, I’ll respond. If they say something thought-provoking, and I have thoughts to say in response, then I’ll respond. But I do get a fair share of comments, especially on very old posts, that don’t seem to me to warrant something back from me.

  6. Jeremy: That makes sense, you’ve been around for quite a while. I think yours was the first blog I began reading – when I found your commentary discussions.

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