So after a good four days of frustration over my old computer, removing Ubuntu from it working on getting XP back up and running I finally got it. For those of you who are Linux literate, grub (which boots linux) is very frustrating to remove and replace when you don’t know what you’re doing – and I definitely don’t, though I’ve learned a lot now! Eventually I ended up searching the internet for a windows bootdisk image, but because I only have CD drives in this house, that search became very difficult. CD images for bootdisks are much more rare apparently. Anyway, its fixed, and now I’m scraping as many programs as I can off the computer. All I want to do is listen to music and run programs that don’t work on Vista 64 systems. Hopefully this hasn’t been more work than it is worth.

4 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Mainly because that old laptop just doesn’t have much speed. It’ll do better running things natively.

    I’m still running OpenSolaris on my new laptop in virtualbox.

  2. Why don’t you run XP virtually since you ran XP already?

    I don’t know if you got a job yet and what Rachel’s computer situation is now. I’m selling my Macbook. It feels wrong owning two functional laptops. I’d rather sell to someone I know and it occurred you or she might be in the market.

  3. My XP CD is from Toshiba and their OEM cds refuse to install on any machine made by a different company. I’ve tried.

    I don’t think we really need another computer right now. We actually have 2 1/2 functional laptops ourselves. I have a new HP that I got with our stimulus check this spring and Rachel has mac G4 that she plans to stretch out as long as she can.

    The 1/2 is my old computer, that had hot chocolate spilt on it two years ago. I continued using it until this spring. Its only 1/2 because none of th arrow keys work, the backspace button work only every other time, it can read CDs, but not DVDs and it can’t burn anything, and it only has a 20GB hard drive. It basically sits in the corner connected to the speakers and functions as a glorified stereo – that also runs some Wycliffe linguistics software that only work on 32-bit systems.

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