Google and Publishers have Settled

Agreements have been reached Google Books will become more and more accessible (if I go to a coffee shop in Blaine, 15 minutes away, since I’m in Canada).

Here’s the announcement and links:

The Future of Google Book Search

Our groundbreaking agreement with authors and publishers.

Three years ago, the Authors Guild, the Association of American Publishers and a handful of authors and publishers filed a class action lawsuit against Google Book Search.

Today we’re delighted to announce that we’ve settled that lawsuit and will be working closely with these industry partners to bring even more of the world’s books online. Together we’ll accomplish far more than any of us could have individually, to the enduring benefit of authors, publishers, researchers and readers alike.

It will take some time for this agreement to be approved and finalized by the Court. For now, here’s a peek at the changes we hope you’ll soon see.