What I do when I’m not Studying Greek Part VII

I could very easily be challenge on this one, since its also something I do while I’m studying Greek. Even still, its such an important part of my daily routine that it deserves mention here. And besides, I do drink the stuff even when I’m not studying Greek.


Back when I was in college and then also when we were in Texas, my wife worked at Starbucks. Those of you who know someone who works at Starbucks already know that employees get a free pound of coffee each week. When we left Texas in June, we had collected more than 50 pounds of coffee and we gave away about half of it to family and friends in Illinois. In fact, until we moved to Canada, our cell phone was part of a family plan with my family, to whom we gave 1 pound of coffee a month as payment for it. It was a great system for the two years that we did it.

But this is all that’s left, about 14 pounds. At the rate we’re going, we’ll have to start buying coffee again in February or March.