Big CBT News!

Many of you know that I was the New Testament chair of the ESV translation. This project has consumed thousands of hours, most of them enjoyable. I am happy with the ESV. As a formal equivalent translation done in the translation stream of the KJV / ASV / RSV, it has proven itself. And while the committee will be constantly looking at issues and questions submitted by people like you, my work on the ESV was largely done.

But a few weeks ago I received a most amazing email from my friend Mark Strauss (who I have been picking on lately in this blog). What was amazing was that just the night before I was sharing with Robin (my wife) how much I missed translation work. I learned so much on the ESV, things I have never taught in any Greek class at any level. I told her, “Wouldn’t it be amazing to be in the NIV committee? I would love it if I were asked to be on it.”

–Dr. Bill Mounce

Read the whole thing HERE (I’m guessing the Koinonia blog will pick it up with Monday’s with Mounce tomorrow).

My own comments:

I’m incredibly excited about this. Dr. Mounce is the ESV translator whom I hold in high respect. I think he will do a great job and I know that he thinks quite thoughtfully about both the Greek language and the English language with reference to usage. I most definitely wish him the best in this move and I hope he continues to develop his Greek skills and comprehension of the text and language.