The SBL Sessions Schedule: Linguists get the short of the end stick again

The same thing happened last year. If you’re a linguist, you get screwed by scheduling conflicts. Maybe this is just what happens when a conference that incorporates linguistics as a side discipline is then organized by people who know nothing about linguistics or what linguists are interested in dialoguing about with colleagues. The thinking of the organizers must be something like this:

  1. Linguists interested in Greek aren’t interested in cognitive linguistics.
  2. Linguists interested in Hebrew aren’t interested in cognitive linguistics.
  3. Linguists interested in translation aren’t interested in Greek.
  4. Linguists interested in lexicography aren’t interested in the Septuagint (okay, so that one is more personal, but there’s a linguistic paper in the IOSCS session)
  5. And let’s not even try to see how text textual criticism relates to all of this. Because such a language-oriented discipline would have no interest to linguists either!

So this year (again) I’ve got a good dozen overlapping sessions that I’m interested in attending. And they’re virtually all bunched up on Monday, with the exception of a couple on Sunday early afternoon (which are opposed to each other). Nothing on Sunday Morning. Nothing on Saturday at all.

Why does SBL hate me?