On my way to Leiden…

I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a workshop at the Lorentz Center at the University of Leiden focusing linguistic databases for biblical texts and languages: Biblical Scholarship and Humanities Computing: Data Types, Text, Language and Interpretation I'm hoping that I'll have an opportunity to blog about it as we go, but I don't know what things... Continue Reading →

Radical Frame Semantics and Biblical Hebrew

This just popped up on Eisenbraun’s New & Noteworthy RSS feed: Radical Frame Semantics and Biblical Hebrew:Exploring Lexical Semantics by Stephen Shead. Biblical Interpretation Series - BIS 108 Brill Academic Publishers, 2011 List Price: $182.00 Your Price: $172.90 You save: $9.10 It’s depressingly expensive (as most Brill books are), but I’d say that it’ll also... Continue Reading →

To All You OT Guys

Mike Heiser has just blogged about a number of Old Testament projects at Logos that are literally a handfull of orders away from going into production/development -- including the Göttingen LXX, the critical edition. Seriously awesome. HERE.

Poll on Translation & Hermeneutics

For sometime, I've been an advocate for people who do not know the original languages (& probably never will) to learn how to meaningfully look at and compare differences of translation, paragraphing, & formatting in using multiple translations rather than simply using a "literal" translation. But it has been only recently that I've realized that... Continue Reading →

Hebrew Grammar Question

My familiarity with introductory  Hebrew grammars is rather lacking, so I'm interested in some comments. My wife is beginning first year Hebrew this next week and she'll be using: Biblical Hebrew, Second Ed. (Yale Language Series) by Bonnie Pedrotti Kittel, Victoria Hoffer, & Rebecca Abts Wright. Does anyone have any experience with this grammar and... Continue Reading →

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