Koine-Greek.com is a space online for discussions of linguistics and especially Ancient Greek grammar. Most of the time, we are interested in the Koine period of the language from roughly 200 BCE to 300 CE. Theoretically, we are primarily interested in theories that are cognitively & typologically robust as well as those designed particularly for descriptive grammar writing.

The primary authors of this website are Rachel Aubrey and Mike Aubrey. Two linguists who focuses on Hellenistic and Koine Greek. They have done graduate studies in linguistics at a number of schools including the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics and the Canada Institute of Applied Linguistics at Trinity Western University. Mike Aubrey wrote his thesis on methodology in grammatical analysis in Role and Reference Grammar. Rachel Aubrey wrote her thesis on Cognitive Linguistics and mental representation of middle voice systems. Additionally, Mike Aubrey is the Greek Languages and Linguistics Moderator for the B-Greek forums.

The majority of what is written here consists of initial drafts of various thoughts on a number of topics related to Hellenistic Greek. Most of it relates to books, whether books just read or books to be read. Very little that gets posted here is thoroughly edited or anything like that, though often times posts get polished up after the fact. Others fall by the wayside. And still more bits revised on the way to publication, though those changes and corrections tend not to take place here.

Feel free to leave a message — comments here usually won’t appear online, but they are received and responded to privately.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Mike, I was reading the old entries on ellipsis in your Eph blogs. The paper you wrote on positive and negative ellipsis (30 page off), is it available? I can’t see it published anywhere.
    Regards, reg.

    1. I’m sure there’s some really embarrassing stuff in those old posts.

      Unfortunately, until I get around to updating and revising that paper on ellipsis, it probably won’t see the light of day.


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