Greek Noun Phrases

Discontinuous Syntax:

Here you can read my discussions and summaries of A. M. Devine & Laurence Stephens’ book Discontinuous Syntax: Hyperbaton in Greek. I’ve been blogging through this book off and on for the past couple years and hope to finish soon. Currently, I’m roughly half way though (as of September, 2009). This project has quickly become bigger than I anticipated and the final product would likely have gotten to the size of MA thesis — roughly 25,000-30,000 words total.  At this point, though, my own views on the subject have changed so much that I have determined that it would be far more beneficial to write a shorter article length account of my own perspective. Until that is done–and it is about half way there–I leave these original discussion in place.

Discontinuous Syntax Part I

Discontinuous Syntax Part II

Discontinuous Syntax Part III

Discontinuous Syntax Part IV

Y2 Hyperbaton: The Data

Discontinuous Syntax Part V

Discontinuous Syntax Part VI