Greek Prepositions & prepositional phrases

Our discussions of prepositions and prepositional phrases are organized here by theme and content. We have book reviews, studies of specific prepositions, academic papers, and related issues in semantics and syntax.

10 essays on ἐκ and ἀπό

In the spring and summer of 2017, we, Rachel and Michael Aubrey, produced a collection of short essays here at that provided an overview of the descriptive issues they explored at the Tyndale House Prepositions Workshop. This work eventually was published in Postclassical Greek prepositions and conceptual metaphor by de Gruyter, edited by Will Ross and Steve Runge. This post provides a landing page for all ten of our discussions of these two prepositions from here at

Greek Prepositions in the New Testament

Prepositions and second language pedagogy

Slides, presentations, and papers

Review of Luraghi (2003) and Bortone (2010)