Translation: NIV & TNIV

Exactly how different is the TNIV from the NIV?

I wondered this for sometime.

And then, because I have Logos Bible Software, I decided to check. I put the two Bibles against each other and the program showed me every place where there is a difference in wording.

Here are the results:


4.2% in variation from the base text.

But this percentage is a bit skewed simply because some books of the Bible are more different than others. For example, 1-2 Chronicles are only 2.1% different from the NIV, but Proverbs is more than 15% different.

In order to both example the books on an individual basis and document the types of changes made, I’ve began a series going through the sections of the Bible noting and discussing the kinds of changes made:

NIV / TNIV – The Pentateuch

NIV / TNIV – The Historical Books

NIV / TNIV – The Poetic Books

NIV / TNIV – The Major Prophets

NIV / TNIV – The Minor Prophets

NIV / TNIV – The Gospels

NIV / TNIV – Paul’s Letters

NIV / TNIV – The General Letters & Revelation

The links will become active as I proceed in the comparison, which will be about once a week. As far as I can tell, the changes seen show the TNIV to be a good improvement on the NIV, making it both more clear, more accurate, and often more formal in many ways.

Update: While for the longest time I have intended on completing this survey, I have finally recognized that it isn’t going to happen. This has been made particularly clear with the release of the NIV2011 which now replaces both the NIV and the TNIV.