Hebrew Alphabet Question

I’ve been working on memorizing the Hebrew Alphabet slowly as I’ve studied a bit of Hebrew on my own. But I want to be sure that I’m pronouncing the letters correctly. I’ve checked several grammars, both introductory and reference grammars. But I want to test my information with those of you out there who know Hebrew.

So I ask the impossible question: Is there anyone out there who is familiar both with Hebrew and also the International Phonetic Alphabet??? And if so, could you tell me how accurate my charts below are:

Hebrew Consonants

This chart is read from left to right and then top to bottom that means that with the bgdkpt consonants (though only bkp have the dagesh here) the first Hebrew consonant on the left goes with the top IPA symbol

Hebrew Vowel Pointings

I’ve placed the * at the location of the IPA vowel with the pointing below it and the IPA symbol below that. And yes, I know one of the middle lines is very crooked. And yes, I know my hand writing is terrible.

I’m really counting on John Hobbins who seems to know a bit of everything from Philosophy to Hebrew to be able to say, “Yes.”

Other’s who I have a bit of confidence in are Peter Kirk, my friends at the Better Bibles Blog, and perhaps Iyov (though I’ve had much less interaction with him).

If anyone else is out there who knows both Hebrew and IPA, please let me know how accurate I am, if at all…