Translating Texts

What do you do when you have a Greek text that you’re working on, but that one word just gets you. You can’t figure out the morphology and what its dictionary form is! You try five or six different possibilities and none of them work.  So you head over to Perseus to see if you can look up the word there. Alas! The server is down again because a billion people are using the site!

What do you do?


Diogenes is a program that gather the various databases together, TLG, PHI, etc so that you can search them with unicode. What’s better is that you don’t even need to have any of those databases in order to look up words. They also have Perseus’ morphological parser and LSJ there as well, which means that figuring out what the word is becomes a lot faster.

It isn’t perfect, but its sure better than anything else out there right now!