Moises Silva

I had the most terrible search today!

“moises silva liberal”

Now I don’t mind the term liberal depending on how its used, but generally when its applied to scholars, its used in a condemning way – like the way Jim West uses the term Fundie.

If that’s the case and I fear that it is, this is a terrible slander of one of my favorite scholars.

Please, do not label people like that. The question is not whether Silva is liberal or conservative, but whether he does his homework in his academic work. And you know what, He DOES. Silva is a brilliant scholar in both the Old and New Testaments – one of the few leading scholars with excellent training in linguistics. His work in textual criticism, semantics, Greek grammar, exegesis and hermeneutics has all been excellent.

(I have a feeling that my title will catch Esteban’s attention…)

9 thoughts on “Moises Silva

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  1. I find this rather amusing. You’ll probably have a few more hits from me just now as I was curious which page of yours comes up on Google with those terms. You made it to page two. I’ve finally started getting search hits at my blog and I find some of them highly amusing as well.

  2. well, now I’m first!

    And if you type in Moises Silva liberal Jim West Fundie, I’m still #1 and apparently, there are only 51 other sites on the web that have those words together…

  3. Well today, I got:

    the deity of christ reformed

    So does that mean the reformed theology view on the deity of Christ? In which case they came to the right place. Or does it mean someone thinks the deity of Christ went through some sort of reformation, possibly even a re-creation. I’m not sure if I should address this or not.

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