NT Exegesis & Russian Grammar

As of 1:45 this afternoon Central Standard Time, I’ll be TAing my very first class – AL 5324 Principles of New Testament Exegesis. This is an exciting day for me – something that I had hoped to do in college but never had time (i.e. one of my professors would have let me had I been around another semester). Now in grad school, I have the chance.

We’re going to be focused on 1 Peter – the letter that the professor wrote his PHD diss. on. So we’ll see what kind of discussions come out of the class.

I’m also beginning Field Methods and Field Data Management where I will be writing a 30+ page paper on Russian grammar and another on Russian phonology (i.e. the Russian sound system). So this will be a very busy next eight weeks, but also very exciting. The data management course focuses on learning how to use computational tools for managing and presenting phonological, textual and lexical data collected in linguistic field research – very exciting.