Studying Greek & Doing Theology

I don’t remember where I read it. I think it was in one the many feschrift that were written in honor of F. F. Bruce.

But here is a wise word (paraphrased) from a great scholar:

Don’t start doing theology until you’ve studied Greek for at least 20 years.

8 thoughts on “Studying Greek & Doing Theology

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  1. Perhaps in 20 years I will be interested in theology, lol. Studying Greek has to be one of the most exciting hobbies I’ve undertaken.

  2. Agreed. You might have noticed that I enjoy it also!

    What are you up to in your studies right now? Are you going to give us an update soon?

  3. The late FF Bruce is one of my favorite biblical scholars, but this might be too much.

    Unless he means that you would not be sure of yourself or wouldn’t be taken seriously until such.

  4. Its a hyperbolic statement. The point is that you shouldn’t be fooling around in theology until after you know the language.

    The concern isn’t so much that you wouldn’t be sure of yourself; its more that you might become too sure of yourself.

  5. We’ll I think that I remember reading in a context where the statement’s meaning was clear, but perhaps it is less so when separated from the rest of his words…

  6. I’m still wrapping up Mounce’s Greek for the Rest of Us. I have almost a dozen books coming in the mail this week for my birthday, so as soon as I finish this one I’ll be ready to start my program.

  7. It’s over 20 years now since I started learning Greek, although I wouldn’t say I have been studying it all that time. And, whether it’s the Greek and Hebrew or my general experience of life and God’s ways, I think I should be starting again from scratch in doing theology. So, well said, Bruce or whoever said this.

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