A fantastic discussion

For those Complementarians out there who read my blog…an excellent essay has just been posted today at Equality Press, entitled “The Logic of Equality.” Do give it a read, do some thinking, do some writing. Do you agree with it? Do you not agree with it? And why?

all of this of course in 500 words or less.

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  1. Mike,
    Just read the post you link to, not because you want the “complementarians” who read your blog to read it.

    It’s just a little weird, maybe a lot disconcerting, to find Aristotle and the logic he invented as support for the argument that women and men are equal.

    Aristotle’s “laws of logic” indeed “are [to be] universally and necessarily valid despite the fall,” a barbarian Jew myth he does not believe in. Aristotle’s logic is that females are botched males. (Of course, his laws of logic have him also conclude that barbarians are inferior to Greek men, and their tongues to Greek language; and that there are natural born slaves.)

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