Search Highlights

The first of these are simply incoherent. If you can decipher them, I’d be interested:

  1. grammar-i no you will do great
  2. english clitic articles
  3. article of preposition

Here are my guesses:

I think the intent of the first was so say something like:

“grammar [is something that] I, no [wait], you will do great [at]”

The second is either looking for articles on English clitics or the searcher is wondering whether the English article (“the” or “a”?) is a clitic. Or perhaps he/she is looking for articles about clitics written in English?

The last one has got to be looking for an article about the preposition “of.”

In any case, I have a guess of what they found here:

#2 found a post on phrasal clitics.

#3 found any of these posts.

And for some reason, this post of mine is the very first hit on google for #1.