Search Highlights

The first of these are simply incoherent. If you can decipher them, I’d be interested:

  1. grammar-i no you will do great
  2. english clitic articles
  3. article of preposition

Here are my guesses:

I think the intent of the first was so say something like:

“grammar [is something that] I, no [wait], you will do great [at]”

The second is either looking for articles on English clitics or the searcher is wondering whether the English article (“the” or “a”?) is a clitic. Or perhaps he/she is looking for articles about clitics written in English?

The last one has got to be looking for an article about the preposition “of.”

In any case, I have a guess of what they found here:

#2 found a post on phrasal clitics.

#3 found any of these posts.

And for some reason, this post of mine is the very first hit on google for #1.

3 thoughts on “Search Highlights

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  1. My guesses:

    I’d say the first was a poor student of English wondering why the teacher wrote “grammar” in red ink next to what the student had written — “I no you will do great” — and thought to consult google to try to figure out what mistake the teacher was referring to. Of course what he should have written was “I know you will do great.”

    The 2nd, I have no idea.

    The 3rd, I’d guess a poor student of grammar was really searching for “object of preposition”, but couldn’t remember that, and so came up with “article of preposition” instead.

  2. I’m pretty sure that #1 is actually from someone practicing a standardized test grammar section where they’re supposed to point out the error (in this case ‘no’ instead of ‘know’).

  3. Tim, if they need to practice that…they’re already lost.

    scaryreasoner: well, those are some pretty scary possilities for the state of English grammar…

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