Searches that Found Me

This is probably one of my favorite activities. The things that people type into Google simple amaze me sometimes.

Here are the highlights from the past couple days, divided by category:

Genearl Spellign and Problems for Grammar*:

  1. michael aubry greek
  2. i´m looking for a greek grammar books
  3. what is the difference between the book
  4. past tense of attempt

Regarding #1 I have to admit that I am surprised that people search for this blog (and even remotely remember my name) But still, is Aubrey so rare of a name – whether first or last – that people cannot spell it? Now I can understand my wife’s maiden name being a challenge, but mine? I don’t understand. And please call me Mike – Mike AubrEy.

On #2, the person would do well to look for an English grammar book (singular) first. Standard English requires agreement between the article and the noun.

As to #3, I don’t know what to say or how to answer their question. While its possible to have things between a book’s covers, you generally don’t have things between a book – especially not a “difference.” Abstract entities such as “differences” don’t do well at being between things in general.

For #4, well, its “attempted,” but I don’t understand why you’re asking me…

Searches that Caught my eye:

  1. linguistic commentary gnt porter
  2. things to do instead of studying

This first caught my eye because I cannot imagine what a linguistic commentary by Porter would look like. If anyone would like to make suggestions in the comments, I’d be interested.

Why the second and last search caught my eye is, I hope, obvious. What a delightful thing to search for. “Things to do instead of studying.” I would suggest google searching – either than or something to do with food – most of what I do is somehow related to food.

*This title isn’t completely fair, since I don’t typically proofread my own posts either. Even so, its still fun.