Discourse and Information Structure

I’m came across an interesting powerpoint on Discourse Structure and Information Structure, if anyone’s interested:


Its not completely self-explanatory, but does have some helpful information. And powerpoints tend to provide simplified information. If you come across things you don’t understand, google them or something.

At the very least, I found it interesting…

2 thoughts on “Discourse and Information Structure

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  1. After reading through about half of the slides, I would encourage you to suck it up and *read Lambrecht*. I will send my notes to tease you. LFG strikes me as forced and overly reliant on configurational languages, e.g. dividing syntax from intonation. The latter would only be a hypothetical construct in Greek. I think that there is a UND-SIL MA on Russian information structure that uses Lambrecht. I grabbed it, but have not read it yet. I will look on Monday.

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