Where I am – Reading & Writing

Between preparing for BibleTech:2009 and working on various other required projects, my various continuing blogging series have lost their way. So here are a few things I plan on doing relatively soon.

  • Discontinuous Phrases/Hyperbaton
  • Matthew & Mark in my NIV/TNIV comparison

I think that at the end of March (i.e. after BibleTech), I would like to pick  up my series on Discontinuous Phrases/Hyperbaton again. I was just about complete and ready to post on chapter four when my computer died and I lost a good eight pages of work. That was extremely unfortunate and for several weeks I simply haven’t had the heart to try and redo all that work until just recently. I plan on getting it redone in early April.

As for my NIV/TNIV comparisons. I plan on doing Matthew & Mark this weekend if I can – someone should hold me to that.

Finally, there’s one more bit that I hope to do while preparing for BibleTech. I’ve realize that I have way too much that I would like to say in my 30-35 minutes of fame. So I’m going to be doing some posting on Greek morphological databases more broadly speaking over the next two weeks. This is something I’ve been planning on doing for a while and hopefully, it will all turn into a decent article.

So that’s where we’re headed right now.

Please, do stick around.