Photo Dabbling – Biblioblogging or Biblio-Linguistic Blogging?

I wasn’t satisfied with the Biblical Studies Blog picture from the Top 50 Biblioblogs site:


So I decided to make my own – in two different incarnations:

Biblio-Linguistics Blog2 Biblio-Linguistics Blog1

The first is in just plain old IPA accurately reflecting the pronunciation of “linguistics.”

The second is also IPA, but I chose all sorts of characters that don’t match phonetically:

ɬ is an Alveolar Lateral Fricative.

ɨ is an Close Central Unrounded Vowel (pronounced similar to the Historical Greek upsilon).

ɲ is a Palatal Nasal (kind of like the Spanish ñ)

ʛ is a Voiced Uvular Implosive (put your tongue as far back as you can and pretend to gulp water).

ʊ is a Near-Close Back Rounded Vowel

is a Near-Front Near-Close Unrounded Vowel (technically not “official IPA”)

ʂ is a Voiceless Retroflexed Alveolar Fricative (kind of like in Russian – curl your tongue back on your alveolar ridge and go “shhh”)

ƭ is a Voiceless Dental Implosive (similar to ʛ, but with your tongue just behind your teeth – its harder)

ɪ is a Near-Close Front Unrounded Vowel

ç is a Voiceless Palatal Fricative (move you tongue behind your alveolar ridge and go “shhh”)

is a Voiceless Post-alveolar Retroflexed Fricative (curle your tongue back on your hard palate behind your alveolar ridge and go “shh”)

ɓ is a Voiced Bilabial Implosive (like ʛ and ƭ but articulate with your lips instead of your tongue)

ǂ is a Voiceless Palatal-alveolar Click (like in the movie, The Gods must be Crazy).

ɔ is an Open-Mid Back Rounded Vowel (this one is actually correct)

ɣ is a Voiced Velar Fricative (like in BaCH, except use your vocal chords, and incidentally, how the Greek gamma should be pronounced.)

Anyway, the copy and paste code for using them is here:

<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img style=”display:inline;border-width:0;” title=”Biblio-Linguistics Blog2″ src=”; border=”0″ alt=”Biblio-Linguistics Blog2″ width=”204″ height=”57″ /></a>


<a href=””><img style=”display:inline;border-width:0;” title=”Biblio-Linguistics Blog1″ src=”; border=”0″ alt=”Biblio-Linguistics Blog1″ width=”204″ height=”57″ /></a>

You can dable with that as much as you want.